Cifra – Let Me Try Again – Skank

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Intérprete: Skank
Tom: G

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    G                                 D
I know  I said  that  I  was  leaving  but
Em             D               C              G
I couldn't say goodbye  it was only self  deceiving
to walk away from someone  who means
 everything  in life  to you /
Bb                         F
You learn from every lonely day
Gm                             A      D
 I've learned   and  now  I'm back to say  /
  Bm     Em  A                  D
 Let me try  again  / Let me try again
Bm          Bm7+   D     Bm
Think of  all  we had  before
G                   A             D     Bm        Em
  let  me try  once  more  /  We can have  it  all
A          D     Bm         Bm7+     D       Bm
you and  I again please   forgive-me  or  I'll die
 G         A     D          G                    D
and let me try   again /  I was  such  a fool to doubt
    Em            D                             C                   G
you to try  to it  all alone   / There's   no sense  in life  without  you
       A                             D
 Now  all  I do is just  exist  and  think
about the  chance  I  missed
Bb                         F
To beg  is  not   na   easy task
Gm                    A         D         Bm    Em
Pride's  such a foolish mask  /  Let me try  again
A            D           Bm          Bm7+
 Let  me try  again   / Think of  all
  D    Bm        G                 A
we had  before  / Let me try once more /
D                Em  A             D
We  can have it  all you and  I again
Bm    Bm7+        D         Bm        G         A      D
Please   forgive  me  or  I'll die  and  let  me try  again .